September 04, 2007

Rant : Karmic Astrology

I have decided to use this blog in which to voice a few rants concerning the current state of the Astrological community as well as other topics which people tend to frivously believe without question or reason. Hopefully some of my readers will get an education out of this and it will help them develop real Astrological skills.

The first of these ridiculous additions to Astrology is the term "Karmic Astrology". A simple search produces a few websites which give a minimal description of what "Karmic Astrology" is but of course, all of the descriptions are somewhat different. The websites themselves usually provide an FAQ about Karmic Astrology and then of course offer their services and that is about it. For the sake of brevity I will follow a simple definition of (what I believe to be) Karmic Astrology, that being, that the Nativity of an individual can determine their past actions (as well as future) because of the decisions theyve made in the past show up in the Nativity. The role of the Karmic Astrologer is to understand these paths and interpret from them of the individual in a "spiritual sense" rather then an ego-focused sense.

Its interesting that rather than actually researching what "Karma" is, the professed adepts in "Karmic Astrology" seem to follow under what Western idealized Karma represents (which is nothing farther from the truth). Karma, Hinduistically speaking, is nothing more than the action towards a decision. Throughout our lifetime we are presented with many decisions, some are minor some are major. An action is nothing more than the path we choose when faced with a decision. For example, if one is on a diet and they see a chocolate cake, they are faced with a decision; do they take a piece? or do they pass it? Whatever they choose is an action (or Karma) and each of these decisions lead to different paths and then to different decisions, do they break their diet after eating the cake or do they stay on their diet? These actions all lead down certain general pathways which are greater, similar to a spiders web.

Each individual has the ability to choose a path which is greater for them or which is worse for them. For example, if you are low on money and you need it do you get a job or do you rob a bank? If you decide to rob a bank, the next decision is what do you do after? Do you turn yourself in or run from the law? If you turn yourself in and go to jail, get out, and need money do you follow that same path? or do you change your ways? There are greater karmas and lesser karmas and whatver you choose you will be lead down a path more negative or positive depending on the decisions you make. A man who makes bad choices in his life, will eventually be lead down a path of destruction, whereas Saints who make good choices are lead to the path of glory and providence. It is true that karmic actions can bleed through incarnations but many peoples "karmic scale" is fairly stagnant and they remain in the same spots making the same decisions repeatedly.

Now you understand the simple concept of Karma (which is nothing more than a simple explaination of actions and decisions everyone faces). To anyone who is somewhat versed in Astrology, they will see that this IS the foundation of Astrology. There is no "Karmic Astrologly" because all of this is shown already in all Nativities. Nativities declare the inclinations of the individual from birth, their paths and their choices to decisions (even the decisions that will face them when using predictive methods). So why is there a need for "Karmic Astrology" when its quite clear that Traditional Astrology describes percisely what Karma is in ones chart?

Aaron Brody

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