December 04, 2008

Criticism of Astrology

Something that came up recently that sparked my interested and eventually a topic for this blog is the criticism of Astrology. We spend a great deal of time convincing people of the validity of Astrology. Of course in every field there are skeptics. I admit that I am also a skeptic of certain issues (especially in the field that Astrology is classified under) but has it occured to anyone that the only person who has the authority to question the validity of Astrology is Astrologers themselves?

When a skeptic criticises Astrology as being purely hocus pocus, generalities and providing no proof, have any of these individuals actually researched Astrology? Have they cast their own chart and read from that? Have they predicted future events with their chart? In order to criticse something in any scientific circle you must be an authority on the subject you are criticising. Why is Astrology any different? Would a chemist debate the validity of economics to an economist without having any knowledge of the field of economics? And further, would a chemist accept any arguement about chemistry from an economist who knows nothing about chemistry to begin with? The clear answer to this is no. So why do we as Astrologers accept arguements from those who have no authority in the field they are attempting to debate?

I am all for educating people to the truth and validity of Astrology, however this does not come from your mouth, my mouth or anyones claimed experiences but from the experiences of the querent. The people who question the validity of Astrology are the only ones who can answer their question. For if they put in the time and research (as many good Astrologers have done) and through their research, produced results and created authentic experiences based on this research and results, they would show themselves the proof of the validity of Astrology. No one can convince a skeptic. A skeptic can only be converted through their own experiences.

So for those Astrologers who are faced with those questioning the field of Astrology, I suggest to you to provide them with materials, help them research themselves and thus provide their own answers to their own questions. Tell them in order to accurately judge anything, they must make themselves an expert in their field. Once they have done this only then will you debate with them concerning the validity of Astrology.

For those skeptics, I suggest instead of debating, picking up a book (or two or three dozen) and becoming an expert and an authority on Astrology. Only then will your skepticism be dismissed and your understanding deepened.

August 24, 2008

Astrology and Choosing Birth Time

Recently this topic has came up concerning a childs birth time, and if we should, as knowledgable Astrologers, use our skill in order to elect a favourable time to give birth so that our child may.

The traditional opinion on this is that, it doesnt matter what time you Elect to have your child, it was meant to be born, the time it was born. It doesnt matter whether or not you attempt to have a child at a certain time, the time it is born, was the time it was meant to be born. Even during conception, we can see that Astrology has a major part in producing offspring at a certain time. For when the time is favourable for us to have children (when it is promised by our Nativities as well as Solar Returns and Directions) then conception will happen. If these events do not occur, conception will not. Therefore we dont even have the option to choose whether or not to conceive at a certain time.

The traditional authors somewhat contradict their own opinion by stating that, if one is to elect a time to give birth, the Sun found in Aries, at noon will produce illustrious and dignified children, ones of wealth and significant power. This is of course due to the fact that the Sun found at noon is placed in the 10th House (power and dignity) and in Aries, its exaltation, denotes more power to the Planet. Whether or not this can be controled however is the question. However, if this event does occur, expect that your child will definately attain the above promised dignity.

We now have the technology that the past never had in order to have our children whenever we see fit. Therefore, with this technology, we may utilize it in order to produce favourable results in the success of our children. This is however also questioned, as I do not know any woman, who has walked into a hospital and told them she wanted to give birth at exactly noon and to take the baby out then. The whole process is time consuming and doctors never work around a patients schedual therefore its very unrealistic to assume that we can elect a favourable time to give birth, when we cant control over all the factors in which to produce it (remember even a few minutes off an elected time can change the results). For those who practice electional Astrology will know, when electing a time to do anything, if it involves some matter of dealing with the public or in some way other variables that you cannot control, the event has a tendency to go over its time limit and therefore turns into nothing.

What does this all mean? It means exactly as the ancients have said, no matter the time we choose to elect, the baby will be born the time it was meant to be born.

Aaron Brody

August 13, 2008

Free Astrology Books & New Books!!

Finally i have finished a collection of new books available on my website which can be found here;

You can also find free astrology books in the free book section as well!

Aaron Brody

June 07, 2008

Medical & Mundane Astrology

Health and Astrology have always had a distinct relationship with each other but there is not a lot of information on the net concerning these two subjects together, I suppose mostly because science and health are often considered "obsolete" after a few years and theories of the past are not considered valid for theories of the future. Unfortunately theories of the future are just that, theories, while they have some data to support them (some are theories OF theories) we are no where near the understanding of the most simple and unifying aspect of humanity; health. Therefore it would be a crime to dismiss any theory simply because a new theory of a new century has been created and served to us. Because of this, I plan to create a section on my website, solely based on Medical Astrology. I plan to analyze old theories of health and how Astrologers constructed the health of the individual based on their Astrology.

Secondly, I really desire at this time to create some information on Mundane Astrology, another subject that is quite obscure with todays Astrological literature. This will cover a lot of topics including predictions for countries all the way down to prediction of weather. I look forward to sharing this information with users on the internet.

This section will unfortunately take some time, being Mercury retrograde as well for a few more days I will definitely hold off on writing anything important during this time (albeit Mercury did go retrograde in Gemini) I do feel its important to preserve such works for a time more suitable and profitable.

Aaron Brody

January 09, 2008

Updates : Astrological Prediction (Solar Returns, Transits, Directions, & More!)

Finally the updates concerning Chapter 8 have been complete with all the information concerning how to cast and read Solar Returns, Transits, Directions and Profections! If youve ever wondered how to predict the future with Astrology this is definately the chapter for you!

I have also added a much requested "About" page, an Astrological Glossary and some information concerning the Head and Tail of the Dragon!

Aaron Brody