June 07, 2008

Medical & Mundane Astrology

Health and Astrology have always had a distinct relationship with each other but there is not a lot of information on the net concerning these two subjects together, I suppose mostly because science and health are often considered "obsolete" after a few years and theories of the past are not considered valid for theories of the future. Unfortunately theories of the future are just that, theories, while they have some data to support them (some are theories OF theories) we are no where near the understanding of the most simple and unifying aspect of humanity; health. Therefore it would be a crime to dismiss any theory simply because a new theory of a new century has been created and served to us. Because of this, I plan to create a section on my website, solely based on Medical Astrology. I plan to analyze old theories of health and how Astrologers constructed the health of the individual based on their Astrology.

Secondly, I really desire at this time to create some information on Mundane Astrology, another subject that is quite obscure with todays Astrological literature. This will cover a lot of topics including predictions for countries all the way down to prediction of weather. I look forward to sharing this information with users on the internet.

This section will unfortunately take some time, being Mercury retrograde as well for a few more days I will definitely hold off on writing anything important during this time (albeit Mercury did go retrograde in Gemini) I do feel its important to preserve such works for a time more suitable and profitable.

Aaron Brody

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Anonymous said...

I have always wondered about the relationship between astrology and science and modern medicine. Of course, the stars are moved by God, but are above all things, so their influence on our life, including health, is obvious.