August 24, 2008

Astrology and Choosing Birth Time

Recently this topic has came up concerning a childs birth time, and if we should, as knowledgable Astrologers, use our skill in order to elect a favourable time to give birth so that our child may.

The traditional opinion on this is that, it doesnt matter what time you Elect to have your child, it was meant to be born, the time it was born. It doesnt matter whether or not you attempt to have a child at a certain time, the time it is born, was the time it was meant to be born. Even during conception, we can see that Astrology has a major part in producing offspring at a certain time. For when the time is favourable for us to have children (when it is promised by our Nativities as well as Solar Returns and Directions) then conception will happen. If these events do not occur, conception will not. Therefore we dont even have the option to choose whether or not to conceive at a certain time.

The traditional authors somewhat contradict their own opinion by stating that, if one is to elect a time to give birth, the Sun found in Aries, at noon will produce illustrious and dignified children, ones of wealth and significant power. This is of course due to the fact that the Sun found at noon is placed in the 10th House (power and dignity) and in Aries, its exaltation, denotes more power to the Planet. Whether or not this can be controled however is the question. However, if this event does occur, expect that your child will definately attain the above promised dignity.

We now have the technology that the past never had in order to have our children whenever we see fit. Therefore, with this technology, we may utilize it in order to produce favourable results in the success of our children. This is however also questioned, as I do not know any woman, who has walked into a hospital and told them she wanted to give birth at exactly noon and to take the baby out then. The whole process is time consuming and doctors never work around a patients schedual therefore its very unrealistic to assume that we can elect a favourable time to give birth, when we cant control over all the factors in which to produce it (remember even a few minutes off an elected time can change the results). For those who practice electional Astrology will know, when electing a time to do anything, if it involves some matter of dealing with the public or in some way other variables that you cannot control, the event has a tendency to go over its time limit and therefore turns into nothing.

What does this all mean? It means exactly as the ancients have said, no matter the time we choose to elect, the baby will be born the time it was meant to be born.

Aaron Brody

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